We convert every day flash games in html5. Scrabble blast updated.Play it Scrabble blast We convert every day retro and classic flash games in HTML5. Visit as every day to see if your favorite game was converted. The 3D Shockwave games still working on INTERNET EXPLORER browser. We just updated some of Shockwave skateboard 3D games like Downhill Jam, Street Sesh and Sewer Run. Open the website in INTERNET EXPLORER to play these games and be sure you have Shockwave player installed on your computer.

Html5 games for your website

Hi and thanks for embeding my games to you blog or website . The games can be embeded in inframe are also mobile friendly.

Minigolf Html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game


 Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/

Dimensions: 900x450

Angry birds halloween html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/


Super Mario Html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/s94qs8rws53ip9bcgnxj60hsrj89581x/




Play it on: http://crazygames.cc/pacson.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/5st7c6asbp9urr7swcbr2im8b1ch0336/

Sweet angel dress-up

Dimensions: 800x600

Play it on: http://crazygames.cc/sweet-angel-dressup.game

Embed: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/2ta4i2mev8rrye1mkcye1mbs0tlfwd22/

Elsa beach day

Dimensions: 800x600

Play it on: http://crazygames.cc/elsa-beach-day.game

Embed: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/166p5deq7kd3ub2nzgrph8cck8yxejdp/

Elsa dress-up

Dimensions: 800x600

Play it on: http://crazygames.cc/elsa-dress-up.game

Embed: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/y63q1pfxaqpo03k93uyulpucrzebgy6m/