Cheap HTML5 games for your website

Buy cheap HTML5 games for your website. is an individual developer and publisher of HTML5 games in 2D.

You can see and try some of these games directly on the website or you can go to where most of my games are published.

I develop puzzle games like slider type, logic games, hidden objects games, dress-up and make-up games, golf games, memory games physics games like Angry Birds, and word search games.

You could buy a single license, is means you buy the rights for that game for 1000-1500 $ or you can buy as cheap as 15 $ without the rights to that game, you could publish it on your website only.

Below you can see or try some games developed:

For the full list visit and search some of these games, then click on the developer name to get all the games.

To contact me just open this link in the browser.

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