Bullet Force

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Bullet Force

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Bullet Force


Bullet Force is a game developed by Lucas Wilde and was released on 13 June 2016. Play online Bullet Force FPS game. Bullet force is the most complete FPS multiplayer game who can be played, look like the real video-game.

Getting free credits in Bullet Forces as you can read here bellow:

You AV the kill streak when you use that you get 250 credits the counter UAV kill streak you get 500 credits for using that advanced UAV you get 600 credits. Super soldiers you get 650 credits.

How to get KAR98 in bullet Force?

You’re going to go into your store uh once it loads if it eventually loads one day it will load you’ll have a few exclusive offers the free at the moment that i’ve. Got is unlock the car 98

  1. To Shoot, use Left click.
  2. To Aim, use Right click.
  3. To Reload, press R.
  4. Use Scroll Mouse Wheel (or press 2 key) to Transition to your Primary and Secondary Weapons.
  5. To Throw A Grenade, use G.
  6. To Knife, get up close to an enemy and press F.
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