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Papas donuteria online

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Papas donuteria online


Papa’s Donuteria is the tenth restaurant management game in the Papa Louie series and was published by Flipline Studios on June 16, 2014. Papa’s Next Chefs 2014 winners Tony and Scooter are the game’s default workers, but players can also create their own custom workers. It is located in Powder Point.
Your job is to cook donuts for customers. Customers place an order for the donut recipe they want. So you need to act quickly and follow instructions. You need to fry the donut to perfection, top it with a strawberry or chocolate filling if you like, and then dip it in the glaze.
What makes Papa Donuteria a good game is that it’s challenging but fun, just not frustrating like this game. The step of filling cups with batter frustrates me so much you wouldn’t believe it. Putting icing on a cupcake is even worse; I don’t think there is a simple aspect to this game that is fun.
The ending sequence for this game is at Rank 61 as you find on the Google search. Are you better let me see.

Use the mouse to interact and the finger for touch screen devices.

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