Barbie as Rapunzel

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Barbie as Rapunzel

Game info
Barbie as Rapunzel


Barbie as Rapunzel is a game with barbie and she’s little Drago. In this game, you can play by clicking on items or dragging to the Rapunzel character.
Make Barbie look like Rapunzel by playing this game.

But what is the Rapunzel story?

Watching in time, a king and queen had a baby daughter called Rapunzel. What her devoted parents didn’t know was that Rapunzel’s golden hair contained magical healing powers. A selfish old woman named Mother Gothel knew of the magic in Rapunzel’s hair and wanted it to keep herself young.

Rapunzel’s secret was in her hair which was magic but keep forever young also.

Each night she lets down her long golden hair so that her lover can use her hair like a rope to scale the tower and visit and love her in secret. The couple dream of escape and the charming prince smuggle up the fabric so that they can fashion a rope for Rapunzel to scale down the tower wall together.

Use the mouse to play on the computer and the finger to play on the touch devices.

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